Home Integration Program

     Prior for your discharge, we are training you to simulate your home environment by having you perform your activities of daily living when you get home to ensure that you are able to safely. We also train your primary caregivers or your immediate family members to supervise or assist you in doing your activities of daily living at home. Examples of activities of daily living are showering, medication management, cooking, toileting, laundry.

Evidence Based Therapy

     We utilized the most current clinical practice guidelines and researched based rehabilitation practices to ensure that you are receiving the best quality care in achieving your goals and your highest level of independence in the earliest possible time.

Patient Centered Approach

     Your rights and welfare is at the center of our care. We provide rehabilitation services based on your goals, needs, medical and physical conditions and overall living situation. We continually update you and your immediate caregivers about your progress in attaining your independence with your functional mobility and with your activities of daily living.

Care Planning and Discharge Planning

     We set a meeting with you, your family members and your immediate caregivers to discuss your plan of care, your goals and the best treatment strategies available for you to achieve your goals and your highest level of independence. We also set a discharge plan meeting to discuss your safe discharge to either your home or to the new place of residence.

Your Partner in Healing!!!

Functional Outcomes

     Our treatment strategies mainly focus in attaining your functional mobility independence. We utilize the various functional assessment tools to directly identify your problems with functional mobility and formulate an effective and efficient treatment strategies to address it.

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